Andy Tom is a lifestyle brand Made in Italy, providing luxury men's and women's shoes and accessories. Operating out of Sydney Australia and Florence Italy, Andy Tom's designs are inspired by the glamorous and colourful locations of the jet set. Each product is handcrafted in Italy in contemporary yet classic designs, they are the essence of the luxury and casual elegance of the Riviera lifestyle.

The process of making Andy Tom shoes:

Leather selection process and cutting

The process that goes into creating Andy Tom shoes starts with the selection of leathers. All materials and components that go into making Andy Tom shoes are sourced from within Italy and handmade in our factory in rural Italy, making the final product 100% Italian made. The leather is chosen from the finest ‘concerie’ or ‘tanneries’ within Italy. Leather cutting is a precise process, each shoe and its components must be cut individually to fit a particular style and size exactly, each piece is intricately cut by hand in order to maintain the perfect shape and size of each individual design. As leather is a natural raw material the right leather for each part of the shoe must be cut from the appropriate parts of the hide. Once each component is cut, it then moves on to the next process of assembling and stitching.

Stitching by hand

Andy Tom prides itself on its handcrafted shoes and after the cutting stage, the iconic rubber pebble sole is united with the leather upper by hand. Each of the shoe's components are then combined and sewn with a combination of hand and machine stitches. The soft leather lining is stitched to the outer shell first and the shoes are then hand sewn along the vamp (toe) and sides. 
The attachment of the vamp to the bottom shell of the shoe is the hardest part of the production process, this step requires great accuracy, as it is the main determinant of the shoe's overall shape. Once the vamp has been attached to the body of the shoe, the beautiful loafers are near completion. 


The Final processes

After the shoes have been assembled, the shoes are then moulded on a heated last to give the shoes their final shape and then it is on to the polishing department of our factory, where Andy Tom shoes are buffed and cleaned to perfection. Once the shoes have been polished, our expert quality controls are enforced to ensure the shoes meet our exacting standards, nothing leaves the factory unless we are completely satisfied with the final product, this ensures that only perfectly crafted shoes make their way to you. After each finished product is inspected and matches our quality controls, it is then packaged and ready to meet the feet of our loyal customers world wide.